Hallo! My name is Kelly. I grew up in New Orleans, LA. I married my husband Billy in Oct 2000 in N.O. We have three children and have moved from Abita, Springs, Louisiana to Stuttgart, Germany. This is something we have dreamed about and it is our first expat experience. I hope everyone enjoys reading about our adventures because I am very excited to share.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Blake's First Hospital Visit

On Friday night, July 26, around 10 pm Blake came running in the living room with his hand on his head and blood everywhere:(. I had no idea what happened but I, of course, freaked out. There was so much blood and Billy was downstairs and he couldn't hear me screaming for like 5 minutes. When he came up we got Blake and all the mess cleaned up and saw he had a little hole in his head. He was playing with the cat and ran into the door knob.

The puncture was on the border off hospital or not but it was deep enough to make us nervous so we went. Now, we have no idea what to expect because we have not dealt with anything medical in Germany yet.

Luckily, children's hospital is located on our street just a few blocks down so we knew where to go.
We arrived and they spoke English and are familiar with American military workers so they had special paper work for us. The policy as an American is out patient a deposit of 250€($337) and inpatient deposit of 1000€($1,327). Whatever it doesn't cost they send back to you and you get a detailed receipt to send to your insurance which covers your cost. Great system all in all, no inflated pricing here at all.
The doctor came in and introduced himself, on a first name basis, and shook all of our hands . He checked out Blake and said he was able to glue his head back together:) yes, i know how that sounds. We would not have to get the stitch, he was wonderful with Blake.
When it was time to go he wrote us a detailed report about Blake's injury then explained the process of how medical works being an American and what we should expect.

Comparing this to our U.S. emergency visits there was NO comparison. They were, like the Germans are, speedy and very efficient. I have had that the care you receive here is top notch and I was happy to experience it first hand. This whole hospital experience took about an hour.
I know my fellow Americans will probably hate me saying this BUT this was socialism at its best. If you could have the hospital experience here you would agree Americans just don't have it right.
I will leave with saying, because of insurance in America this visit there after waiting 2-3 hours would have cost about $3000. Here it is less than $300. Go figure!!!!




  1. Interesting to hear about your experience at the hospital, and how different it was than here! So glad Blake is ok and "glued" back together in one piece :)

  2. Yes I didn't know about the glue, I seriously thought he was kidding. Billy said they use it in the states also though