Hallo! My name is Kelly. I grew up in New Orleans, LA. I married my husband Billy in Oct 2000 in N.O. We have three children and have moved from Abita, Springs, Louisiana to Stuttgart, Germany. This is something we have dreamed about and it is our first expat experience. I hope everyone enjoys reading about our adventures because I am very excited to share.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Pisa, Italy

Actual Dates : July 2 - 6

We decided to travel to Pisa, Italy for our July 4th beach getaway.  

We flew from Frankfurt to Pisa but not without sitting on the runway for 1.5 hours.  AND let's remember you have to pay for any drinks or snacks, you get nothing with the flight.  Luckily we bought enough things that during the actual flight, the flight attendant came up to the boys with a candy basket and let them choose which candy bars they would like.  That was really nice.

Notice the LARGE Pepsi .
We actually didn't wind up arriving in Pisa until about 11pm, was supposed to be closer to 9 and we were starving.  We were nervous about eating because here in Germany food shuts down fairly early and then you are out of luck, not to mention we had no idea what our hotel was near.
It was recommended to us by a friend to stay at The Grand Hotel Intercontinental Pisa.
Well, when we arrived we couldn't believe it was seriously like the middle of the day.  There were markets going on, gelato stands open and people everywhere.
This was great for us and we made our way to a super delicious pizzeria around midnight.  I will say though we ate there again 2 nights later because it was so delicious.
Our hotel was good because we had a humongous pool and we were on the beach, rare to be directly on the beach.  Other plus we had air condition, not great but European style air condition, which is one of the things Americans have way better than Europeans.
The boys loved this pool.
This was strictly a relaxing trip, only sight seeing we planned to do was to see The Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Other than that this was our plan
And his was our view
So for days that's all we did.  We would walk off the resort at night to have dinner and one day we visited the Leaning Tower.  This is the only picture worth posting fm the tower.  Check out he boys faces

The day we visited the Leaning Tower we were miserable and thought we may die of heat stroke, it was awful.  
The boys actually wound up getting sick from the heat, definitely proving they are not true southerners, don't know how they will make it through another Louisiana summer.  We had about a 30 minute bus ride to this attraction and it's everything you would imagine. Hot and winding roads, I would have captured the moment but we were trying not to become ill.

That was our one adventure:) and back to swimming and sunning.
At dinner one night Trey did order octopus and squid, very interesting after the snail eating in Paris.
Our last night there we had a great dinner in the hotel.

Overall this was a great trip.  Very relaxing for us and very active for the boys.

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