Hallo! My name is Kelly. I grew up in New Orleans, LA. I married my husband Billy in Oct 2000 in N.O. We have three children and have moved from Abita, Springs, Louisiana to Stuttgart, Germany. This is something we have dreamed about and it is our first expat experience. I hope everyone enjoys reading about our adventures because I am very excited to share.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Our life in September

September has been complete madness. I am on the PTA board and I chair school photographs , who knew it would be this much work. I have to coordinate EVERYThiNG down to volunteers, class schedules, paperwork and the photographers lunch for three days. Say what????? Yes, his lunch. Let's not forget I also have to go to the MP station this week and bring the scanned copy of his passport to gain him base access for the 3 days. I have been busy attending meetings, getting forms together and building spreadsheets. Glad to know I have a job again, just wish it paid like Money Hill. Except this job prevented me from going on my trip to London:( that was supposed to be October 1. I am still soooo upset .On a positive note I do get free lunch once a month at the board meeting, which is hosted in a hotel. How's that for a perk?
The other thing on the agenda keeping us bust was the first big fundraiser kickoff on Friday night. The school had a Cowboy Carnival. This was lots of family fun, everyone enjoyed themselves.
On Saturday we of course had soccer and more soccer:) but, we also had Blake's 8th birthday party at the bowling alley. One thing you must know , the bowling alley is the place to be here, it's really nice and great food and an Irish pub inside. Blake's party was a huge success, 20 kids and parents. It was so much fun, even parents were emailing me telling me what a great time they had. I am so happy for Blake. How could you go wrong though, delicious pizza and cake and an open bar tab for German beer:) SCORE!!!! The parents love us.
This week was a big week for me because not that being the room parent, being a chairperson for the PTA , and being a full time housewife and mother isn't enough, I joined a club meant just for me. I joined the Stuttgart Spouses Club. This is all the women in the area and they do charity events and a a monthly get together, October is Oktoberfest bunko. The best part is within this club here are smaller individualized clubs so from there I joined......lunch club, book club, and wine tasting club. Once a month each club meets at a chosen location and partakes in whatever type of club it is. This is genius, I am super excited.

Also this week we finalized our trip to Prague:))) we will be going from November 8 through the 12th. We are taking the train so we can kick back with a beverage and relax and we rented an unbelievable apartment in the heart of everything. I have wanted to go to Prague for quite some time so I can't believe it is happening.

The excitement of today is, well it's a Monday and the Saints won, and I bought lamps and rugs for all the bedrooms in the house!!! We are ready so come on visitors. Keith and Joyce are first up in about a month:)

In two weeks I have a mother son dance that I am very much looking forward to and the following week is Blair's homecoming and my anniversary:)

In the meantime, I am actually having dinner with a girlfriend from Virginia tomorrow night and I have a pottery painting party for the colonels wife on Thursday night. Very fun week, then on Sunday.......... My first Oktoberfest and we have tent tickets:))) we are going during the day because we are bringing the kids and so are our friends. Billy and I have decided hat we will also go one night to see how it's different. Apparently all the Americans and some Germans all wear Drindls. They are about 100€. Do you think it's worth it?? Debbie, you have to answer :)

Have a great week everyone








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